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By | 9 November 2017

Zoom Player is the most powerful, flexible and customizable Media Player application for the Windows PC platform. Based on our highly-touted Smart Play technology, more media formats play with less hassle, improved stability and greater performance. Behind Zoom Player’s classic media player look, hides a powerful Media Center application designed with a simple 5-Key (up/down/left/right/select) fullscreen navigation interface. The 5-Key system provides simple navigation with advanced interfaces. Interface such as the Media Library, File Browser, Playlist, Color Control, Audio Equalizer, Bookmarks, Play History and many more. Zoom Player’s media center simplicity makes it ideal for users with no previous computer experience. With Zoom Player, you can instantly Convert any PC into a Home Entertainment Center (HTPC) with no specialized hardware requirement or operating system.

Screen Shoot


  • Media Library JukeBox mode meta-data scraping for Movie/TV/Music posters, backdrops, still images, title, description, genre, cast and more!
  • Media Library JukeBox mode meta-data scraping for Movie/TV/Music posters, backdrops, still images, title, description, genre, cast and more!
  • Media Library YouTube (Channels/Searches/Trends) integration.
  • Media Library RSS feed reader.
  • Media Library icons displaying the media format, video codec, video resolution, audio codec and audio channels.
  • Download subtitles through ‘OpenSubtitles.org’.
  • Use XBOX 360 and compatible controllers as remote control with custom, user-assigned functionality.
  • Customizable actions when clicking ‘Hot’ screen corners (function/extended function/execute app).
  • Blu-Ray Decrypted Main-Movie Playback (with subtitles).
  • Automation user-selected action when connecting/disconnecting an additional monitor.
  • Automation user-selected action when detaching/attaching a “2 in 1” laptop’s display.
  • Automation user-selected action when switching between tablet and mouse modes (win10).
  • Thumbnail preview when hovering with the mouse cursor over the timeline.
  • Fullscreen media center navigation Password protected categories.
  • Customizable Mouse Gestures.
  • Display chapters/bookmarks position directly on the timeline.
  • Media Scheduler with remote TCP/IP network based programming support.
  • Automatically restore the previously active subtitle track on replay.
  • Automatically restore the previously active audio track on replay.
  • Use Direct3D PixelShaders to enhance videos with macros to easily switch between shader script presets.

Update Log
What’s new in Zoom Player v14 beta 1:

New :

  • * New Download & Tracking plugin API has been developed.
  • * New Torrent download plugin.
  • * New Playlist media library source plugin that lets you assign any playlist as a media library category.
  • * New setting (Adv. Options / Playback / Controls) that controls whether Zoom Player switches to the next/previous track when using next/previous chapter function on a media that does not contain chapters.
  • * New setting (Adv. Options / Playback / Audio / Visualizations) that can force playback to delay for a specified number of milliseconds after finishing to play a track with audio visualizations.
  • * New “Scrape using media derived title (instead of file name)” media library category setting used to scrape online for content based on the media’s title (instead of the file name).
  • * New “Do not display the media’s position/duration on top of thumbnails” media library category setting to prevent the current play position and the media’s duration from appearing on top of thumbnails.
  • * New “Do not display a media format (audio/video/picture) icon on top of thumbnails” media library category setting to prevent the drawing of a media format indicator icon from appearing on top of thumbnails.

Changes :

  • + The media library ‘RSS Feed’ plugin now caps the maximum cached entries
    to 2000 and the description length to 3500 characters. Otherwise, over
    time the RSS plugin data would become too large and would stop displaying.

Fixes :

  • – Zoom Player didn’t look for subtitles in the XySubFilter’s paths definition, causing subtitles not to load when they were not in the same folder as the video.
  • – The Zoom Player Install Center and Zoom Player itself were out of synch, triggering a new components update notification to appear within 2 weeks after runing the Instal Center.
  • – When enabling the “Seek to key-frames when using LAV Video decoder (faster, less accurate seeking)” setting, some file handles were not properly closed, preventing the playing media from being erased until Zoom Player was closed.
  • – The key-mapping editor’s search feature did not work.
  • – Fixed a freeze triggered by the media library’s ‘RSS Feed’ plugin on certain RSS feeds that used an ascii #13 as a line break.
  • – When playing a SHOUTcast stream, the playlist editor cleared the selected entry every second.
  • – Smart Play’s “Configure File Source” dialog did not set a default value for the “Use with” field when a non-english language pack was used.
  • – The Windows Picture Library and Music Library (system folders) may not have displayed with the correct thumbnail layout in the media library.
  • – Double-clicking a station list entry to begin playback while the media library was opened could trigger a playback of whatever was highlighted in the media library instead of the station list entry.
  • – In some cases, when using the “Media Close Delay” feature, the delay would be twice as long as the specified value.
  • – Debug logs related to kinetic scrolling were being saved by the non-debug version.

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