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By | 23 April 2017
Windows Firewall Control adalah alat yang hebat yang memperluas fungsionalitas Windows Firewall dan menyediakan fitur tambahan baru yang membuat Windows Firewall menjadi lebih baik. Ini berjalan di system tray dan memungkinkan pengguna untuk mengendalikan firewall asli dengan mudah tanpa harus membuang waktu dengan menavigasi ke bagian firewall yang spesifik. Ini adalah alat terbaik untuk mengelola firewall asli dari Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7, Server 2016, Server 2012. Windows Firewall Control menawarkan empat mode pemfilteran yang dapat diaktifkan hanya dengan satu klik mouse.
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  • Intuitive user interface which is easy accessible through a system tray icon. 
  • Full support with standard user accounts. Elevated privileges are required only at installation. 
  • Disable the ability of other programs to add Windows Firewall rules. 
  • Integrated support of creating, modifying and deleting Window Firewall rules. 
  • Multiple and easier ways of creating new rules in Windows Firewall. 
  • Lock feature which can disable the access to the settings of the program and Windows Firewall. 
  • Shell integration into the right click context menu of the executable files. 
  • Automatically display invalid rules for programs that do not exist any more. 
  • Possibility to find and display duplicate firewall rules. 
  • Merge multiple similar rules or duplicate existing ones. 
  • View recently allowed and blocked connections and create new rules from the Security log. 
  • Import and export of partial sets of rules. 
  • Protection to unauthorized uninstallation. 
  • Possibility to restore previous settings at uninstallation. 
  • Global hot keys are supported and various shortcut keys are available. 
  • And many, many more. Just try it out.
Registered Users Features

  • Notifications System which provides notifications for outbound blocked connections. Two modes available: 
  • Display notifications – Display notifications for all outgoing connections that were blocked. 
  • Learning mode – Automatically allow digitally signed programs. Notifications are displayed only for unsigned programs. 
  • Disabled – Notifications are disabled. 
  • Create temporary rules which are automatically deleted when they expire or on program restart.

What’s new in version

  • Important: Starting with this version, WFC is targeted to use .NET Framework 4.6 instead of .NET Framework 4.5 which is outdated.
  • Important: Removed support for Windows Vista and Windows Server 2008.
  • New: Added “-nogpu” parameter to wfc.exe. This will turn off GPU hardware acceleration when rendering WFC. Use this when connecting remotely to a machine where hardware acceleration is not available.
  • New: Added the Action column in Connections Log so that the entries copied to clipboard will contain also the action among the other properties.
  •  New: When the WFC tray application can’t connect to WFC service and the exclamation mark icon is displayed in the system tray, left click on the WFC icon will open the user manual to the Troubleshooting section. Also, a ‘User manual’ entry is available in the right click context menu.
  • Updated: The troubleshooting section of the user manual was updated.
System Requirements

  • Microsoft .NET Framework version 4.6 or newer version 
  • Compatible with all x86 and x64 versions of Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7, Server 2016, Server 2012. 
  • Windows Firewall service is required to be enabled for Windows Firewall Control to run. 
  • DNS Client service is required to be enabled for the notifications to work properly.
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