Text to Speech – NaturalReader Premium v6.70 Unlocked Apk

By | 31 October 2017

Welcome to NaturalReader mobile text to speech app!

Our application converts any written text into spoken words. With this cutting edge technology, you can listen to webpages and documents instead of struggling to read from a screen.
NaturalReader provides over 50 natural sounding voices in over 20 languages. It is also easy to use—just double tap to start reading. Our user interface allows you to change the speaker, speed, text size, and background colour to suit your preferences.
The app supports PDF, Word documents, eBooks, HTML files, and PowerPoint. NaturalReader also provides a variety of ways to import text, including a built-in browser, copy and paste input, access to Dropbox, OneDrive, and Google Drive, synchronization with the NaturalReader desktop software, and an import function to access documents from your Android’s micro-SD.
Reading tiny fonts from your phone or tablet screen can be tiring. NaturalReader saves your eyes from over-straining and lets you sit back, listen, and relax. This is a great tool for prolific readers or students with heavy reading loads.
As the app must maintain the original format of the document, we’ve added a magnifying feature to make reading smaller fonts easier for you. Simply tap the magnifier icon at the top to view the enlarged text.
It is also an efficient proofreading tool. It will not only help you pick out mistakes, it will also help you get a sense of the natural flow of what you have written.
What is more, NaturalReader helps people of all ages with learning difficulties such as dyslexia. By listening to text rather than reading, students are able to comprehend and enjoy written material as well as correct their spelling mistakes. In addition, NaturalReader is a great tool to help you learn a foreign language. Select a voice from over 20 languages and practice your pronunciation by listening to the text at your preferred speed.
NaturalReader provides an alternative way to enjoy learning as well as enhances your experience no matter what your reading needs are.

Screen Shoot

What’s New

  • More HD Voices.
  • More Local Voices.
  • Subscription Fees:
  • Due to their high quality, our Premium Voices are too large to conveniently download and install on smaller-capacity devices such as mobile phones or tablets. This is why we use servers to deliver the voices, and not local downloads.
  • Unfortunately, server maintenance and data transfer fees are very expensive. Millions of characters of text are being sent through our servers by users 24 hours a day.
Android version required 4.1 and higher

Download Link

-> Text to Speech – NaturalReader Premium v6.70 Unlocked Apk (14.6 MB) | Via Usercloud

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