Syncovery Pro Enterprise 7.85 build 512 Full Serial Key

By | 10 June 2017
Syncovery mendukung data Anda dan mensinkronisasi PC, Mac, server, notebook, dan ruang penyimpanan online. Anda dapat mengatur sebanyak mungkin pekerjaan yang berbeda sesuai kebutuhan dan menjalankannya secara manual atau menggunakan penjadwal. Software ini dilengkapi dengan dukungan untuk FTP, SSH, HTTP, WebDAV, Amazon S3, Google Docs, dan Microsoft Azure Storage. Anda bisa menggunakan kompresi ZIP dan enkripsi data. Penjadwal dapat berjalan sebagai layanan – tanpa pengguna harus log on. Ada mode sinkronisasi yang kuat, termasuk Standard Copying, Exact Mirror, dan SmartTracking.

Screen Shoot
  • Synchronizes or Backs Up Files
  • Each sync job is saved as a profile so that you only need to specify the settings once.
  • Copy several files in parallel.
  • Includes a scheduler.
  • Internet and Cloud Support.
  • Compression and Encryption Support.
  • Detects Moved Files.
  • SmartTracking.
  • Exact Mirror Mode.
  • Unattended Mode.
  • Copy Locked Files.
  • Versioning
  • Block Level Copying
  • Database-safe mode:
  • Can Use Recycle Bin
  • File Masks & Filters.
  • Daylight Saving Time / Time Zones. 
  • Easy Resuming On Disk Full. 
  • Obsolete File Folders.
Change Log

Additional New Features in 7.85:

  • uses much less memory when processing cloud folder listings (such as Google Drive)
  • produces much smaller databases (factor 4-10 reduction)
  • in many cases, existing databases can be deleted in order to get the new smaller databases. Except if you depend on Synthetic Backup / Block Level Copying or Cache Destination File List.
Download via userfiles
- You will be redirected to Linkshrink / [More details, click here]
- At the Top-right-side, Wait for 5 SECONDS then click CONTINUE / SKIP AD to visit download link
<- Download Instruction | Click Here->

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