PowerArchiver 2017 Standard 17.00.92 Full Patch

By | 26 August 2017

PowerArchiver menawarkan dukungan format ZIP dan ZIPX yang superior dibandingkan dengan pengarsip lainnya. Ini hanya ritsleting yang sepenuhnya kompatibel dengan WinZip dan SecureZip. Ini mendukung kompresi multikore, dengan menggunakan inti tak terbatas, meningkatkan kecepatan kompresi Anda antara 2x dan 16x dibandingkan dengan ritsleting lainnya. Membaca dan menulis dukungan untuk ZIP, ZIPX, 7-ZIP, CAB, LHA / LZH, TAR, GZIP, BZIP2, XZ, ISO (hanya ISO9660 dan UDF – PRO), PGP, PAE, PAE2, WIM, ZPAQ, BH, XXE , UUE, yENC, MIME (Base 64) dan juga RAR jika Anda menginstal WinRAR. Baca dan ekstrak dukungan untuk: RAR, ISO, ARJ, ACE, MSI, NSIS, CHM plus ARC, WST, WAL, EAR, WAR, QWK, PK3, REP, 001 ,, BIN, IMG, NRG, NCO, XPI, CBR , CBZ, XZ, DEB, IPK, DMG, XAR, HFS, NTFS, FAT, VHD, MBR, CB7, DMG, RPM, CPIO, VHD, XAR, LZMA, SquashFS, CramFS, ZOO.

Screen Shoot


  • Two base modes: Optimized Fast and Optimized Strong deliver the fastest/strongest compression in the industry.
  • Smart Optimized modes select the best compression/speed ratios on per-file basis, increasing compression rate and speed. In one compression scenario, PowerArchiver can use multiple codecs for different files/extensions! This provides much better compression/speed since we can target codecs better.
  • Optimized Fast – fast compression modes with 50MBs-400MBs compression speeds, depending on files and strength chosen. Data deduplication features and compression stronger than zip format.
  • Optimized Strong – Strong compression features at reasonable speeds even at Extreme level. Optimized for processors with 4 and more threads. Supports multicore extraction and data deduplication. Special coders for stronger levels delivering better compression than comparable options in competing software.
  • PDF, DOCX and PNG compression – compress your PDF and DOCX (Office) files between 30% and 70% better than WinRAR, WinZip and 7zip. Also used for PNG, APK, ZIP and other files with deflate streams.
  • FIPS 140-2 256-bit AES encryption – Advanced Codec Pack (.PA) is very secure. Not only we use FIPS 140-2 validated encryption components, we also apply special transformation filter that ensures that the data being encrypted does not have any LZ compression markers that could make brute-force attacks easier. We consider it considerably more secure than encryption methods available in ZIP and RAR formats.
  • JPEG codec – uses Lepton compression for jpeg files, strong compression up to 23%.
  • MP3 codec – Strongest and fastest MP3 compression codec on the market with full multi-core support. Better compression and up to 3x faster speeds than WinZIP MP3 compression.
  • Special Deduplication filter – fast filter that finds similar data at 50MB/s speeds (single thread). Works great for similar files that have some similar data, for instance when backing up your office files, this filter should increase compression ratios significantly. Compressing Software ISO’s with deduplication filter can lower the size by extra 500MB compared to WR, WZ, 7-zip (Office 2016 ISO 2.25GB example), with super-fast compression!
  • Special codec for compressing txt/html/xhtml files. Better compression at faster speeds, multi-core optimized.
  • Special exe/dll filters – collection of special filters that improves compression up to 10-15% for exe/dll files. Super fast!
  • Multi-core extraction – Most codecs have multi-thread support based on our mtwrap which automatically gives you multi-threaded extraction. This means that extraction is also fast despite use of advanced and strong compression.
  • Custom compression profiles – Extensive support for custom compression profiles that let you configure 20+ codec options thus making sure you can setup special case scenarios that work the best for your own data.
  • Actively developed in-house, with frequent updates and new future codecs, optimizations and more. Currently over 10 filters/codecs are transparently used at the same time depending on file and options selected.

Release History
PowerArchiver – Version 17.00.92


  • limit plzma/bwt/ppmd/rep dictionaries to max settings in advanced options
  • add .msu and .msp to same step as msi for PA format
  • update german and japanese translations
  • implement extension sort for PA and 7z archives
  • XPM file support
  • crc error on specific ZIP files, specific computer


  • translations – custom codec/optimized error always in english


  • Old Skins below Whiteprint cannot be selected
  • Enable queue stays always selected in Config
  • zip: crc error on 10gb test sample

System Requirements

  • Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows Server 2012, Windows Server 2008, Windows Server 2003
  • 150 MB for the program files plus some additional space for backup files (minimal)
  • Multicore processor recommended for best speed.

Cara Aktivasi

1. Ekstrak file yang didownload
2. Install Software
3. Selesai install, jangan jalankan software (close dari system try icon)
4. Copy patch ke folder instalasi (C\Program Files\PowerArchiver)
5. Jalankan patch (Klik kanan patch > Run as administrator)
6. Klik patch, tunggu sampai selesai.
7. Selesai

NOTE : x64 = 64-bit
x86 = 32-bit

Download Link

-> PowerArchiver 2017 Standard 17.00.92 (37.7 MB) | Via Usercloud

-> Patch (128 KB) | Via Usercloud

-> Patch (128 KB) | Via Zippyshare

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