IDM UEStudio Full Patch

By | 3 June 2017
UEStudio menyertakan semua fitur UltraEdit plus Dukungan Asli untuk lebih dari 30 kompiler populer, Integrated Debugger, Integrated VCS Version Control, Penjelajahan Kelas Terpadu, Intelijen Bahasa (seperti Intellisense), Project Converter, dan Batch Builder untuk memberi nama beberapa Dari fitur canggihnya. Fitur pengeditan teks UEStudio membuat daftar dan kolom pengeditan menjadi pengalaman intuitif, bukan latihan di masa kanak-kanak dulu. Dengan fitur seperti pengeditan multi-caret, pengeditan kolom / blok dan multi-pilih, ini adalah editor teks sederhana bila Anda menginginkannya, dan editor daya multi-kursor saat Anda membutuhkannya.
Screen Shoot
  • Freely use Unicode in macros and scripts
  • Open, edit, and save files with Unicode paths or names without issue
  • Enjoy full Unicode support in the function list, tag list, output window, and more
  • Enjoy greatly improved and automatic encoding detection – no more manually setting a file’s code page!
  • Open and view files of any character set / encoding without having to futz with font or display settings
  • Convert your file to UTF-8 when pasting Unicode data into a non-Unicode file
  • Easily configure UEStudio for handling Unicode and other code pages with the new encoding settings
Updates History

UEStudio v17.00 Changes (2017-04-25)

  • Full customization support for edit window and file tab context menus
  • Paste into multiple selected columns while in column mode now pastes into all columns
  • “Delete selected lines” now deletes complete line even if not completely selected
  • New /LanguageMarker flag for wordfiles for expanded shebang line recognition
  • New option to disable automatic hex mode for files containing nulls (hex 00) in Advanced » Settings » Editor » Hex mode
  • New option to use classic theme for printing (“Page setup” dialog)
  • Optimized file change detection to avoid pause when checking for changes in all open files
  • Support for OpenSSH 7.0+ (SSH console)
Cara Aktivasi :
1. Matikan Antivirus
2. Ekstrak file yang didownload
3. Install Software
4. Selesai install, jangan jalankan software (close dari system try icon)
5. Copy patch ke folder instalasi (C/Program Files/IDM Computer Solutions/UEStudio)
6. Jalankan patch (as administrator)
7. Klik patch, tunggu sampai selesai.
8. Selesai
Download via zippyshare
- You will be redirected to Linkshrink / [More details, click here]
- At the Top-right-side, Wait for 5 SECONDS then click CONTINUE / SKIP AD to visit download link
<- Download Instruction | Click Here->

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