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By | 21 January 2018

GoodSync Enterprise Full Crack is an easy, secure, and reliable way to automatically synchronize and back up your photos, MP3s, and important files. Backing-up and/or synchronizing your critical documents is as easy as one click, and can also be scheduled using a variety of automatic options. True bi-directional file synchronization prevents any data loss. Good Sync can be used to synchronize data between your desktop PC and laptop, home and office computers, computer and removable devices (USB Key, Flash Drive, CDRW disc), over a local network or the Internet.

Features :

  • End-to-end data encryption
  • Faster backups
  • Improved organization for jobs
  • True Bi-Directional Synchronization
    GoodSync can automatically detect and synchronize creation, deletion, and all other changes, made by the user in folders, subfolders, and files.
  • One-Way Synchronization Provides an Easy Backup Solution
    Easy to setup One-Way Synchronization provides an easy and reliable backup solution.
  • Deletions Are Propagated — Or Not
    GoodSync can propagate your file deletions, even through a chain of Syncs.
    Deletion Propagation can be turned off for 1-way Backup jobs.
  • User-Initiated and Real-Time Sync
    User-Initiated: Analyze Changes, user reviews changes, Sync to commit changes.
    Real-Time: files that have changed are synced immediately, or after custom delay.
    See On File Change option in Job Options.
  • Block-Level Delta Copy
    GoodSync can send over only changed blocks of big files, thus greatly improving transfer speed. GoodSync Connect P2P must be used for this to work.
  • File and Folder Move/Rename Detection
    GoodSync detects file/folder renames and executes them as Move commands.
  • Conveyor in TCP/IP achieves Line Speed
    Even on a single thread, GoodSync Connect achieves line speed in file copy,
    due to use of conveyerization techniques that use TCP/IP sockets to capacity.
  • Parallel Threads
    You can run sync in several threads, working in parallel to achieve faster file transfer speed.
  • Verify File Copying by MD5
    GoodSync can compare files by their MD5 checksum or compare entire file bodies to ensure correct copying.
  • Selective Syncing: Exclude and Include Filters
    Files can be excluded from synchronization based on name pattern, size, mod time.

What’s New :
Version 10.7.3 Jan 19, 2018

* Job Options -> General: Added option to Shutdown Computer after Job is finished.
* Job Options -> General: Added option to limit Max Time To Run (minutes).
* Program Options: When Retain Days changes, start complete cleanup with the new value.
* Job and Program Options: trim string values such as UserId or Smtp Host.
* SyncLib: Added File Size to Copy New/Over log message, when syncing.
* Installer: Fixed GoodSync GUI can be randomly started by Scheduler, esp if Avast is installed.
* Installer: speed up installation of GoodSync, fixed some issues.
* Browse Dlg: Multi-Select: If Include List is empty, still show Implied Checked checkbox.
* gs-server: Added Limitation on Number of Users and Number of Unique Clients, based on License.
* File Server License for GSTP gs-server: added new License for gs-server-based File Server.
* Scripts and Email: Added variables: %TSTART% %TFINISH% %TELAPSED%
* Command Line: improved command line parse, to catch more errors in CL options.
* sib-socket + SSL: Turned off TLS session cache on client side, only FTPS uses it now.
* Command Line: Discontinue parsing Jobs and Program Options in GS GUI, we have gsync for that.
* Added/Fixed policies: DisableAzureFile, DisableGDrive2, DisableGTeamDrive, DisableSharepoint.
* gsync: Added ‘auth’ command that creates new accounts (OAuth, browser auth) from command line.
* CC Runner: Added new Control Center GUI Runner, with Taskbar icon, that shows status of jobs run by CC.
* CC Runner Installer may install CC Runner as a Taskbar GUI or as a Windows Service.
* CC Runner can automatically update itself to latest version, if CC specifies AutoInstall option.

How to Install & Activate Full Version :

1. Extract the downloaded file (by Right click > Extract Here)
2. Install Software
3. After Installation, don’t run the software (also close from system try icon on bottom-right side)
4. Copy & paste activation crack to installation folder of the software
– 32bit : (Computer \ Disk C \ Program Files \ Siber System \ Goodsync)
– 64bit : (Computer \ Disk C \ Program Files (x86) \ Siber System \ Goodsync)
5. Run “GoodSync-Activation” (by right-click > Run as administrator)
6. Click Help > Activate Pro
7. Choose “Activate Online via Browser”, then type username & order ID (ex. 111-111-111-111)
8. Click Next, then complete the information field
9. Click next, then copy the computer ID
10. Run keygen (by right-click > run as administrator), then paste the computer ID
11. Click Generate, use the activation code for registration GoodSync-Activation
12. After success, close the “GoodSync-Activation”, then open GoodSync
13. Done

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