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By | 9 August 2017

EaseUS Todo Backup Server adalah server disaster recovery & solusi migrasi sistem untuk lingkungan server Windows fisik dan virtual. Ini menyediakan perusahaan dengan fitur backup & pemulihan yang hebat seperti backup sistem & file yang cepat, pemulihan bencana, penjadwal cadangan tingkat lanjut, backup diferensial & inkremental dan alat pengelolaan cadangan yang lengkap. Ini menyederhanakan backup server & manajemen pemulihan sambil meminimalkan downtime server dan memastikan kelangsungan bisnis. Fitur utama: Backup sistem server dan pemulihan bencana, termasuk aplikasi OS dan yang terinstal.

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  • System backup – Full system protection allows you to easily back up and recover your entire operating system when disaster happens.
  • Disk imaging – Block-level disk imaging quickly and efficiently backs up the entire disk or volumes. It can speed up the backup process of large files as it only backs up the modified blocks of data instead of the entire file.
  • File backup – File-level backup allows you to selectively back up specific files, folders or file types, including network shared files.
  • Hot backup – Integrate with Microsoft Volume Shadow (VSS) to back up files that are in use, back up specific files and volumes without interrupting any current operations, especially for open files backup.
  • Outlook Email backup – Back up all emails in Outlook Express or  2003, 2007, 2010, 2013, 2016 and save them in a safe way.
  • Sector-by-sector backup – Store an exact copy of your disk or volume, including unused space, sector-by-sector backup assures you a 100% identical copy to the original.
  • Full backup – Only a full backup allows you to restore the exact configuration of your PC, including your operating system, applications and all your files.
  • Incremental backup – Only back up changes made since the last backup, significantly reducing backup time and storage space.
  • Differential backup – Only back up changes made since the last full backup, saving time and storage space.
  • Schedule backup – Flexible backup scheduler allows backups to run based on daily/weekly/monthly, or to be triggered by specific events (users logging in or out, system startup or shutdown).
  • Unattended backup – Runs as a Windows service – ideal for unattended Servers. Backs up even when system logged out, slept or hibernated.
  • System restore – Quickly recover your entire Windows system backup in minutes to the original or new location using a Linux or WinPE bootable media.
  • Restore system to dissimilar hardware – Restore existing system and make it bootable in a new or dissimilar hardware environment.
  • Flexible disk restore – Quickly restore what you need, recover granular files, folders, volumes, or all from a single disk image.
  • Selective file restore – Recover individual files and folders from a file backup image without restoring an entire image.
  • Outlook Email restore – Disaster recovery for Outlook Express or Outlook  2003, 2007, 2010, 2013, 2016.
  • System migration – Fast, easy and safely migrate system to a SSD without reinstalling windows.
  • Pre-OS recovery environment – If your system won’t boot, simply select EaseUS Todo Backup from boot menu to launch Pre-OS and then recover your system.
  • PXE Server – Boot one machine from the network to bootable environment for system restore, especially for bare metal recovery with no bootable media required.
  • Backup management – Easily manage (view, edit, update, delete) backup job and automatically delete the out-of-date backup images, saving storage space.
  • Email notification – Notify administrator with the results of backup operations via multiple email addresses.
  • Backup compression – You can back up files/volumes without compression or you can select high compression level to keep backup as small as possible.
  • Splitting backups – Split backup image files into different sizes to fit different storage devices.
  • Pre/post commands – Define commands (scripts) to execute the commands after or before backup tasks.
  • 256 bit AES encryption – To avoid unauthorized access to your backup image, you can easily encrypt backup with 256-AES encryption algorithm.
  • Offsite copy – Store backup images on FTP server as well as on any local storage device.
  • Log reporting – Record and view backup task names and operations for the PCs.
  • Migration and clone – Fast, easily and safely migrate system to an SSD or a bigger HDD for disk replacement or upgrade.
  • Explore backup – Just double click backup image to browse backup with Windows Explorer and simply copy-paste files/folders or directly recover.
  • Virtualization support – Support P2V copy, P2V recovery and convert physical image format (.pbd) to virtual image format (.vmdk or .vhd).
  • Check image – Check integrity of image file and make sure the backups can be restored successfully.
  • Create emergency disk – Create a Linux-based or WinPE-based bootable media in case of emergency, especially for system restore.

Support Windows Server 2016/2012/2003/2008/SBS and Windows 10/8.1/8/7/Vista/XP

Cara Aktivasi

1. Matikan koneksi internet
2. Ekstrak file yang didownload
3. Install Software
4. Selesai install, jalankan todo backup
5. Sekarang jalankan keygen, lalu pilih edisi produk
6. Klik gen, lalu copy serial & paste di todo backup
7. Klik activate, lalu akan muncul machine code
8. Copy machine code lalu paste di keygen
9. Kemudian akan muncul activation code. Copy activation code & paste di todo backup untuk aktivasi
10. Selesai

Download Link

-> EaseUS Todo Backup Advanced Server (141.8 MB) | Via Usercloud

-> Keygen (233 KB) | Via Usercloud

-> Keygen (233 KB) | Via Zippyshare

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