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By | 18 December 2017

DU Battery Saver is a FREE battery saver application that extends your battery life. More than 400 million users worldwide love DU Battery Saver. You can resolve battery issues and extend battery life with smart battery preset power management mode, 1 touch control, and a healthy battery charging step feature from DU Battery Saver.

Screen Shoot :

★ Optimization 1 Click &
Direct Battery Saver finds and corrects battery power consumption issues and opens detailed settings to adjust your energy savings;

★ Smart Preset Mode
Select or adjust the mode according to your energy usage;

★ Cooler Mobile Phone
The cooling feature works by systematically monitoring, managing, and deactivating CPU user applications to protect your hardware;

★ Battery Saver & Battery
Monitor Monitor all power-draining apps when not in use and remind users of highly depleted apps. Shows how long battery power can be extended if you use 1 tap savings. Monitor all of the running power consumption of the application and provide detail to the application manager, Battery Monitor clearly indicates battery life status and its usage;

★ Simple Power Saver Widget
Our “Task Killer” widget will optimize your power consumption easily. This 4×1 widget makes it easy to manage Wi-Fi, Data, Brightness, etc., and power saver mode settings;

Smart Charging
Displays the charging status directly, estimating the recharge time accurately.

The DU Battery Saver & Battery Monitor widget is the simplest and easiest way to make sure your Android phone is always working when it’s needed, and protects against bad charging, battery-eating apps and hidden device settings that shorten your battery life.

Download Link :

-> DU Battery Saver Pro v4.8.3.7 Cracked APK! (22.3 MB) | Via Filescdn

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